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Yakima County will reevaluate background check rules for workers

Background Check RequestYakima County in Washington State is looking to revamp its policies for which positions of employment require background checks.  The proposed changes come about after a county employee was charged with forgery while in a position with the county’s drug court. [Read more...]

Arizona bill would vacate criminal records of sex trafficking victims

Erase CrimeAs ugly as sex trafficking is, sometimes the after effects on young men and women caught in the trade can be just as brutal.  Even without the need for extensive therapy and other treatments, the simple number of criminal convictions someone can expect to rack up while under someone else’s thumb can be extensive.  In turn, employment and other opportunities in life can be limited for those who manage to escape the trade – a feat which is already difficult enough on its own. [Read more...]

South Carolina judge revisits old civil rights case

Access DeniedDespite accusations of race bias within the criminal justice system, civil rights movements have undergone a shift in recent decades. Not only has the rise of the internet and instant communication changed how messages and issues are broadcast, but we now, more than ever, have many fragmented fronts occurring simultaneously. In recent years, gay rights have been on the forefront of civil liberty groups’ minds, as has a recent resurgence of neo-feminist ideals. [Read more...]

Child protective investigator hired despite criminal past

HandcuffsThere are many professions where employees are held to a higher moral standard.  In these areas of work, the public generally expects a certain level of professionalism and calm decorum.  One of those industries would certainly be those tasked with working with children, and especially those who are tasked with protecting them. [Read more...]

New York City prison guard hiring practices under review

DeniedWhen hiring someone to watch over New York’s incarcerated, you’d think it would be an important consideration to not hire a criminal for the job.  In an awkward and potentially dangerous reveal of prison guard hiring practices, however, that seems to be exactly what’s happened. [Read more...]

Minnesota law now allows sealing of minor convictions

Sealed RecordsMinnesota may not have a reputation for being a state that is easy on crime, but they are opting to join a relatively forgiving movement this year.  Like many states over the past couple of years, Minnesota will be making it easier for those with certain types of minor convictions to have their criminal records sealed. [Read more...]

California sues Uber over background checks

TrafficUber has already caused its fair share of ripples in just a few short years of existence.  The rideshare/taxi replacement startup has become massive, with cities all over the country filled with their drivers.  In just a few seconds on the Uber app, you’ll have your ride all lined up, and at a price that usually undercuts other drivers for hire and taxi companies. [Read more...]

Program turns ex-convicts into personal trainers for the wealthy

Basketball PlayerAccording to recent statistics, over 40% of those who are born into the poorest income brackets in the US will remain there as adults.  Opportunities for these residents of largely urban neighborhoods are generally limited, and it can be challenging to climb above the social class one’s born into.  Of course, what can compound this issue even further is a criminal record.  The risk of forming such a record, as well, is higher amongst these low income citizens. [Read more...]

Oakland forum hopes to improve relations between minorities and police

Scales of JusticeCriminal records and their importance in things like hiring and housing decisions have been under fire, especially throughout the past year.  More and more, imbalances in the way that criminal convictions are processed and used in subsequent decisions have been scrutinized, leading to many people asking for things to change. [Read more...]

Springfield school district now requires teachers to report arrests

HandcuffsThe school staff in Springfield, Missouri is going to be subject to a subtle but important policy change soon that has to do with their criminal records. The newly proposed policy would require all staff working on school property to immediately report any arrest or criminal action as soon as it occurs. In fact, not reporting an arrest or conviction right away would result in a termination of employment. [Read more...]