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Levi’s Stadium fight exposes problems with justice system in California

Scales of JusticeA recent fight at Levi’s Stadium, home of the San Francisco’s 49ers, left at least one man in the hospital.  Authorities were led to two perpetrators after a cell phone video of the incident was uploaded to Youtube.  Youtube, citing a policy violation, has since taken the video down, but not before police were able to use the footage to aid in their investigation. [Read more...]

Background checks reveal issues with candidates in Miami suburb

PaperThe Miami Herald recently performed a series of background checks of candidates on the ballot seeking election next month in the city. David Zisman, a Palmetto Bay Village Council Candidate has two bankruptcies under his belt. His platform has been touting his business experience and leadership. [Read more...]

People with criminal records can now become CNAs in California

ApprovedIt has been a long battle for those with a criminal record in California looking for a job. One significant obstacle to employment has recently been removed. Governor Jerry Brown signed a bill into law that stops a policy in healthcare that bars those with a past conviction – even those with non-violent offenses – from receiving a certified nursing assistant license. [Read more...]

California Proposition 47 will reduce penalties for some crimes

VoteThis November, Californians will get to decide if they want to reduce the penalties for certain crimes in their state to misdemeanors. Proposition 47 is on the ballot and will reduce most “nonserious, nonviolent crimes like petty theft and drug possession” to a misdemeanor instead of a felony. [Read more...]

Revised open records law not always enforced in Rhode Island

Sealed RecordsA report released by Access/RI shows that in the two years since Rhode Island changed its open records law, enforcement of the law has been less than stellar.

Access/RI is an alliance of First Amendment advocates and MuckRock, a group that works with journalists to secure and analyze public records. They show execution of the updated rules is extremely rare. [Read more...]

Background checks required to join Pennsylvania Parent Teacher Associations

Background Check RequestMany Pennsylvania school districts are starting to make criminal background checks a prerequisite to participate in local Parent Teacher Associations.

Fairview Elementary School in Crestwood recently implemented a background check standard and other schools are starting to take note, adopting a similar set of guidelines. [Read more...]

Multiple Iowa driving instructors have criminal convictions

TrafficIt’s usually implied that driving instructors have an excellent, if not perfect, driving record; they are teaching young citizens the rules of the road, after all. In an awkward turn of perceptions, this is not necessarily the case in Iowa, where at least 10 instructors have apparently racked up several driving violations and criminal convictions. [Read more...]

Court rules records of threats against Ohio Governor are not public

GavelThe Ohio Supreme Court has ruled police records involving threats against Ohio Governor, John Kasich can remain sealed. It was deemed that a release of these documents could potentially compromise the Governor’s safety. [Read more...]

Nevada group creates petition to close background check loopholes

VoteA statewide petition was launched in Nevada recently for stricter background checks. The measure called the Background Check Initiative would close potentially harmful loopholes in Nevada state law. The measure would seek to help keep firearms out of the hands of the mentally ill, those charged with domestic abuse, and convicted criminals. [Read more...]

Background checks stop the mentally ill from purchasing guns in SC

HandgunSouth Carolina state agents say 136 people have been stopped from buying guns because a background check showed they had been ruled mentally incompetent by a court.

The State Law Enforcement Division said agents have also rescinded 132 concealed weapons permits from those ruled mentally incompetent. [Read more...]