Alabama Criminal Records

Several types of people may be interested in finding the right place for Alabama criminal records. There are actually quite a few places to find statistics and other sets of information out there. If you haven't found the right place to get this source of information, you may be interested in reading through this article. It can provide some vital information for policy makers and other individuals who rely on solid sets of statistics. Think about utilizing this information if you are involved with any research agencies as well. There are many places that will want to collect information about different segments of Alabama's criminal population.

Vital Crime Statistics

Most agencies and individuals will want to know where they can get some aggregate statistics about the state's crime rates. Just about everyone will want to think about seeing how they can link up with the Alabama Criminal Justice Information Center (ACJIC). The ACJIC is the primary regulatory body that governs how these statistics are collected and distributed to different people. It can provide a whole host of different information for anyone who needs to be updated soon. Think about getting this if you need to organize large scale sets of statistics on Alabama criminal records.

Crime In Alabama Reports

There are many out there who will want to read the regular Crime in Alabama reports that get released. The ACJIC is responsible for releasing these reports, which contain valuable and comprehensive information about many different types of agencies out there. Some people will be interested to read through these reports to watch for any changes that might be happening. This is particularly valuable to policy makers, who need to stay updated on statistics like these. These reports include valuable information, like whether there is a certain trend going underway for crimes like homicides and robberies.

Criminal Record History

If a resident has committed a crime in Alabama, the state will keep records on the events. You may be interested in seeing whether you have a criminal record through the state. Everyone will be capable of finding whatever they may need to see about Alabama criminal records when they look through this guide. Law enforcement officials can also check this system to see if someone has a criminal record. This can help them determine how they may need to proceed with a case or if anyone has any outstanding warrants for arrest. This database provides an invaluable asset to many people throughout the state.

Background Checks

Typically, the state will seal these official criminal records from any third party. This means that most people will not be able to check in on the specific criminal records of another person. But the state does operate the Alabama Background Check (ABC) program. This is a system that can hep employers find out whether an applicant has a criminal history within the state. The applicant will need to consent to participating in the ABC program. But it could help them get preferential treatment during the hiring process, particularly if they have a good criminal record. Take a look at this if you need to determine the veracity of information posted through a resume.

New Alabama law lets you expunge arrest records

Erase CrimeIf you’ve ever been arrested or charged with a crime, but were acquitted after the fact or had the charge dismissed, you know how difficult it can be to get a job when you must answer the question, “Have you ever been arrested?” in the affirmative. In Alabama, you’ve always had the option to petition the court for expungement of an arrest, but the courts were inconsistent in how they responded to the requests.

On July 7, 2014, a new law goes into effect with clear guidelines on how you can get your criminal charges expunged. [Read more…]