California Criminal Records

People searching for information on California criminal records will want to know where they can go to find this kind of information. They may want to start at the public records that have been uploaded through the California government website. This is a top resource for information on these different records, so make good use of it if possible. The state maintains extensive records on a whole host of different issues related to criminal offenses. Read through this page to get a better idea of what you can find through these sources.

General Criminal Records

You can get an extensive record of the state's court proceedings through its governmental website. The state currently tracks a 10 year history of the statistics across a wide variety of crimes. You can find out how many of these cases resulted in convictions and how many of those were later upheld during the appeals process. This can be useful for public officials and researchers who may need to know this kind of information for their line of work. It can also be important for the general public to have access to this information on their own. This is why the state of California has decided to issue these kinds of reports each year.

Results of Superior Court Cases

Residents throughout California can find out quite a bit of information by glossing over some of these different statistical reports. For example, they may be curious to know that the total number of superior court cases totaled 8,498,331 hearings over the last year. Of these, the court held 1,008,329 civil cases. All of these different segments of data can be further broken down across a number of different categories. This is likely the most extensive collection of California criminal records that you can find anywhere. Be sure to look through these records if you want specific information on some of these data sets.

Finding Registered Sex Offenders

Both families and law enforcement agencies will want to keep tabs on where local sex offenders tend to live. The state of California is committed to making sure that all citizens stay up to date on the whereabouts of these past offenders. Currently, there are an estimated 41,260 sex offenders throughout the state. The government offers information on the zip code information that these law enforcement officials may need to acquire. Think about getting help if you would like to find out more information about your particular location. You can use the state's website to track down some of the local sex offenders that may be living nearby.

Overview of the California Court System

Finally, some researchers can use these statistics to formulate an image of the California court system as a whole. There are an estimated 38 million people throughout the state, many of whom may need to have their rights represented through due process. The state has set aside over $3 billion to handle the estimated 8.5 million cases that go through the system each year. Some researchers may want to delve deeper in to how these figures are reached and how each segment of the legal system tends to operate.

California sues Uber over background checks

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Oakland forum hopes to improve relations between minorities and police

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Levi’s Stadium fight exposes problems with justice system in California

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People with criminal records can now become CNAs in California

ApprovedIt has been a long battle for those with a criminal record in California looking for a job. One significant obstacle to employment has recently been removed. Governor Jerry Brown signed a bill into law that stops a policy in healthcare that bars those with a past conviction – even those with non-violent offenses – from receiving a certified nursing assistant license. [Read more…]

California Proposition 47 will reduce penalties for some crimes

VoteThis November, Californians will get to decide if they want to reduce the penalties for certain crimes in their state to misdemeanors. Proposition 47 is on the ballot and will reduce most “nonserious, nonviolent crimes like petty theft and drug possession” to a misdemeanor instead of a felony. [Read more…]

California bills will help young offenders leave the past behind

Sealed RecordsRight now in California, Democrat Governor Jerry Brown is carrying with him a couple of interesting bills that will no doubt come to a vote in the house within the next couple of months. The first, and the one with the most potential for impact, is SB1198, and it’s aimed at helping youth who commit crimes move on from their old ways. [Read more…]

Should ex-convicts be punished after they serve their sentence?

Erase CrimeWhile it is true that a person should pay for their crimes, exactly how long should they pay? The courts hand down judgments for a certain amount of jail or prison time, depending on the severity of the crime. The time is served and once complete, the offender is released back into society. Yet punishment often continues as their record follows them around and prevents access to many opportunities. This makes reintegration extremely difficult and unlikely.

Ex-Convicts and Jobs

One of the largest areas that ex-cons experience trouble in is in reentering the work force. Many jobs are denied to convicted felons, which is understandable. [Read more…]

Obamacare navigators in California have serious criminal histories

MedicalRight now, there are over 40 convicted criminals working as Obamacare navigators in the state of California, and that includes three people with records of serious financial felonies.

Even though some of the offenses are very old, and even though convicted criminals just make up one percent of the people enrolled to be counselors in the program in the state, Californians still have the right to be worried about their privacy. [Read more…]

New California law prohibits asking about sealed or dismissed convictions

SealedA new California law that took effect on January 1st offers serious new protection to ex-offenders who committed past crimes, including felonies, when it comes to job searching and options employers have for finding or using that information. The new law proscribes an employer from asking, seeking, or using criminal convictions that have been set aside judicially. Employers who violate the new proscriptions could face serious civil penalties and possibly even misdemeanor criminal charges if they do so intentionally. It also allows a convicted person to get his case expunged in an expedited way. [Read more…]

Job applicants won’t be asked for criminal history in California

Background Check RequestCalifornia Governor Jerry Brown signed a new law, to be effective on July 2014, stating that state or local government agencies on the State of California will not be allowed to ask the potential employees any questions regarding their criminal history during the first screening process. Brown follows the footsteps of his predecessor, Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, who gave the order to stop asking for criminal history information on job interviews to most government agencies. [Read more…]