Colorado Criminal Records

Collecting criminal records within a state can yield valuable information for anyone who is interested in this subject. There are many laws passed each year that are designed to help curb crime within the state of Colorado. This means that officials and advocacy groups will be keeping a close eye on just how effective these laws are at reducing different crime rates. You might be interested in trying to find information on Colorado criminal records. This can help people get linked up with the right information that they need to see about these different crime trends. Read through to find a breakdown of how these crime statistics are organized.

Colorado Department of Public Safety

Most people will want to check out what they can find through the Colorado Department of Public Safety (DPS). This is a governmental agency that has been tasked with collecting statistics and information on broad issues that affect local residents. The DPS is responsible for reporting objective facts about different crimes that occur throughout the state. They are an invaluable asset to many policy makers and law enforcement agencies out there. This is because they provide one of the clearest pictures about crime issues that tend to affect Colorado residents. For instance, they keep track of the roughly 16,000 violent crimes that occurred in Colorado throughout 2012.

Historical Crime Rates and Trends

The Colorado DPS is interested in finding out whether certain crimes have been decreasing over time or not. They have access to crime data in the state that go back to 1980. This will help people understand whether the current law enforcement practices have been effective in the state. You might be interested in seeing how these changes have happened over the years. In 1980, there were roughly 15,000 violent crimes that were committed. Some people might point out that this number has actually marginally increased since then. But it is also important to realize that the population of Colorado has dramatically increased over the past few decades as well.

Finding Individual Criminal Backgrounds

You may want to think about checking in on background information for a particular person. There is an office that maintains Colorado criminal records on the local residents. It can provide reports on the criminal history of anyone that is living in the state. This is important information to many people, include law enforcement officials and employers. It can take some clearance to be allowed to view this kind of information. But the department will work with people to see what type of information they can provide. Some people may need to use these documents to determine the veracity of statements made during an application.

Sex Offender Registry

The DPS also provides Colorado criminal records on the different sex offenders that live in the state. This is important information for many families, who rightfully won't want to live near these offenders. The state actually mandates that there should be a 1000-2000 foot buffer zone between these offenders and local schools. This is set up to protect the children that go to these schools. If you feel like you know of an offender living within these buffer zones, you may want to contact law enforcement officials soon. Check out some of the Colorado criminal records on these individuals to get more information soon.

Colorado reaches record breaking number of background checks

RecordAs of December 25, 2013, Colorado has broken its record for number of background checks for firearm purchases – with the month of December waiting to be accounted for. The Colorado Bureau of Investigation reported 354,880 background checks for the first 11 months of this year, which is an approximate 19,000 increase from 2012 with 335,940 checks. 4,792 of those checks were performed on private sales.

Previously, the law stated that gun buyers did not have to undergo a background check if the firearm was purchased privately, such as during a gun show. Private dealers must run background checks through licensed firearm dealers. The new legislation, which went into effect July 1st of this year, has prevented 72 privately-sold firearms from being purchased primarily because of crimes committed such as homicide, assault, sexual assault, burglary and drugs, amongst other crimes. The secondary reason why the purchase of a firearm would be blocked cover findings such as mental health issues and auto theft. [Read more…]