Florida Criminal Records

Since it is one of the largest states in the nation, Florida crime statistics are a vital piece of information for many people. Some may be interested in browsing through Florida criminal records to get a better picture of what certain rates are like. This may be particularly valuable to politicians, news reporters and analysts who need objective facts about certain crime rates. This can help reveal whether improvements are being made in the way that these crimes are being handled throughout the state. It can be particularly helpful for anyone who is interested in supporting current legislation in the state capital.

Basic Crime Record Information

Much of the crime record information in Florida is kept through the Department of Law Enforcement (DLE). This agency is often tasked with cataloging the different crimes that occur throughout the state. If you are wondering what you may need to do to access this information, just view their website. They will feature quite a bit of helpful statistics for anyone who needs to understand more about local crime rates. For instance, you may be interested to know that the total violent crime in Florida has been gradually decreasing over the course of the past couple decades. This provides valuable insight in to the effectiveness of attempts by law enforcement agencies to decrease these rates statewide.

Breakdown of Statistics

Some people will want to know more information about different crimes that are committed throughout the state. They can just view the grid that has been provided by the DLE. For example, the flat number of violent crimes has shown a sharp decrease over the past couple decades. In 1993, the total number of violent crimes totaled about 160,000. In 2012, that figure had dropped down to about 93,000. This is a substantial decrease that may provide some clues as to how well the overall rate has been decreasing over time.

Comparing Different Statistical Information

Any analysis of these data will need to carefully consider some of the changes that have been occurring in Florida over the past few years. The overall murder rate in the state has not changed substantially, since it stands at around 1009 as of 2012. In 1992, this figure was at 1191. Some people might wonder why there hasn't been a more substantial overall decrease in the murder rate throughout the state. But it is also important to consider a number of other factors, such as the rapid increase in population that has occurred here. Other analyses of these data should take similar factors in to account before any conclusions are drawn.

Criminal Background Information

Quite a few people will also be interested in using Florida criminal records to gain some background information. This is useful for anyone who has ever wanted to find out more information on certain persons in their area. Some employers may want to look at this to get an idea of whether they should hire someone. Many families and educators may also need to search through the sex offender registry that is available. Much of this information is freely available to the general public.

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How a criminal record affects the chance of being employed in Florida

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