Massachusetts Criminal Records

Looking through the crime statistics in a state is one of the best ways to ensure that an objective picture is formed for policy makers. They may depend on useful information like this to help generate reports on the trends of crime within a state. Some of them may also be interested in setting up Massachusetts criminal records for individual research or to generate data for advocacy groups. All of these parties may be interested in checking out the database of statistics that are kept on file for this state. Read through to get an idea of what information you can get from here.

National Incident Based Reporting System

This is a new system that has put in to place by the state of Massachusetts, in an effort to gather more accurate data about the nature of crime here. The National Incident Based Reporting System (NIBRS) has created a database that can help agencies like the FBI gather more relevant facts about these types of cases. This system was also put in to effect to help replace the Uniform Crime Reports that were previously used. There are a number of advantages that you can expect when you go through this system. Many people will need to think about using these if they need additional information such as demographics or time of incident reports.

Data From This System

Think about the different ways that you can integrate this system in to the way that you collect objective data. You may be interested in trying this out, because it reveals interesting trends in data from Massachusetts. This can let people learn whether they are getting the support that they need to pass new legislation. There are actually 138 major police departments located throughout cities and campuses within the state. This system has been set up to help them coordinate their efforts and streamline the reporting structure that they have. It can also help these departments change strategies they may have to help curb crime rates in certain districts.

Criminal Record Database

Some people might also be interested in learning more about the individual criminal histories of the people in the state. For instance, some employers might need to see whether a prospective applicant had committed any crimes in the past. This can help their hiring processes run much more smoothly over time, since it will give accurate reporting on their criminal histories. You might also be interested in reading through these documents to find out a number of helpful reports on how long ago these crimes occurred. Some employers might be more willing to forgive past transgressions if they were committed long ago.

Sex Offender Registry

Many other advocates and parents will want to look through this valuable resource that is maintained by the state. There are a number of groups that will be interested in making sure these files are kept up to date. There are many Massachusetts criminal records kept on these types of offenses. It can help parents find out whether there are offenders in their area and if there is anything they can do to change that.

Program turns ex-convicts into personal trainers for the wealthy

Basketball PlayerAccording to recent statistics, over 40% of those who are born into the poorest income brackets in the US will remain there as adults.  Opportunities for these residents of largely urban neighborhoods are generally limited, and it can be challenging to climb above the social class one’s born into.  Of course, what can compound this issue even further is a criminal record.  The risk of forming such a record, as well, is higher amongst these low income citizens. [Read more…]

Massachusetts approves foster parents with criminal records

FosterThe Massachusetts child welfare agency is taking some heavy criticism after confirming their decision to allow prospective foster parents with criminal records to take at-risk youths into their homes. Prospective foster parents with rap sheets that have criminal convictions for a wide range of offenses will be allowed to take at-risk foster kids into their homes. The standing policy at the Massachusetts child welfare agency could allow people with convictions for armed assault, drug dealing, manslaughter, and soliciting sex to take at-risk children into their homes. Naturally, this policy has had some serious criticism leveled against it. [Read more…]

Massachusetts legislator introduces bill to improve access to public records

MassachusettsA new bill (H.2846) in Massachusetts will seek to make it easier for individuals in the state to access public records. If you would like to learn more about the criminal records kept by the state, it may be getting a little easier soon. This will help provide the public with better and more affordable access to the records that are kept on electronic databases. There has been a push by the press to make many of these different records available to people out there. This will hopefully allow the public to make good use out of the system and use the information to make more informed decisions. [Read more…]

Boston school employees return to work despite past criminal records


According to Boston city education leaders, three employees of Boston public schools who had been found earlier in 2013 to have criminal records in Massachusetts were allowed to return back to their positions in spite of the records. The employees had been on leave since background checks revealed their past records. [Read more…]