Michigan Criminal Records

Public officials in the state of Michigan rely on objective reporting of crime statistics to get a clear view of whats happening there. There are a number of individuals and agencies who may be interested in collecting some reliable statistics when it comes to these different crime rates. This can be the best way to fully understand what people need to pursue effective legislation. Many of these political and lobbyist groups will be curious to know whether a law is effectively controlling a certain type of crime. This can be the only way to tell whether the law is effective and should be kept in place.

Uniform Crime Report Statistics

Many of these statistics will be made available through the Michigan governmental website. The state regularly releases these types of statistics via Uniform Crime Reports. These are reports that are generated through the collaborative efforts of local police departments. Some individuals throughout the state will be interested in finding the right methods for handling these data. If you would like to try this out sometime soon, you can actually generate these different reports for free. There are a number of people who will be interested to see how these different crime statistics break down year by year. Some of them will be interested in setting up reports that can compare these stats and make sure that they are decreasing appropriately.

How To Read These Reports

You can take a look at these reports if you need to find just about any information you may need. Each of them will be broken down by category and organized in to a table. This can help advocacy groups get an idea of whether certain laws are effectively reducing these rates of crime. For instance, you can find that there were 23,981 cases of felonious assault in the state in 2012. This actually represents a decrease from 2011, when the total number of cases were found to be 24,226. These Michigan criminal records may be vital information to groups that want to see this kind of decrease continue in the future.

Criminal Justice Information Center

Researchers can also use another set of Michigan criminal records to help find out whether these crime statistics have been reducing over time. They can check out the information found through the Criminal Justice Information Center (CJIC). This is one of the most thorough databases of information that are available out on the net. This will actually include very extensive reports on individuals, but it must be accessed by authorized personnel. There is an application form available to anyone who would like to check this out sometime soon.

Sex Offender Registry

There are other advocacy groups that may be interested in monitoring some of the local sex offenders that reside in Michigan. If you have committed a sexual offense in the state, the government will likely want you to file with the registry. The state also issues notices for wanted sex offenders that are located throughout the state. This can help keep parents and organizations notified about some of these criminals and if they are in their area. You can search for registered sex offenders in the state by using this website.

Michigan allows short barreled shotgun sales with a background check

ApprovedThe Governor of Michigan signed a new law on March 28, 2014, that allows short-barreled shotguns and rifles to be sold and owned as long as each owner follows specific licensing processes that includes a criminal background check and a $200 tax. The short-barreled weapons must also be approved by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (BATFE) because of the federal rules. [Read more…]

Genesee County, Michigan proposes removing criminal history question from job applications

Background Check RequestThose with a criminal record know that ramifications of their conviction last long past the time after a jail sentence is served or a fine is paid. For most, every job application in the future is a sad reminder of the past as soon as their eyes meet the inevitable question, “Have you ever been convicted of a felony?” The options are few: 1) either lie and pray the employer doesn’t run a background check, 2) be honest and have the application immediately tossed out or 3) put down the pen right there and walk out. Genesee County, Michigan is aiming to give qualified applicants with a past an equal chance at gainful employment with a proposal that is heading to their Board of Commissioners on December 4th. [Read more…]

Michigan SB 471 may heavily restrict access to juvenile criminal records

Michigan senateAs of now, the current state law technically allows people to find Michigan criminal records of many people around the state including juveniles or those who have committed felonies when they were 17 years of age or younger. However, there is currently a temporary prohibition on people being allowed to get juvenile records but this might be short lived based on how the state government acts. A new bill, SB 471, may end up changing all of this to make the prohibition permanent. [Read more…]