Missouri Criminal Records

The Criminal Justice and Information Services, a part of Missouri's State Highway Patrol, is the entity responsible for managing the archives of criminal records. Their tasks include preserving, handling and distributing those records to the authorized recipients.

Particular requesters may get in contact with the Criminal Justice and Information Services to order background checks in the state of Missouri. In order to do that, the requester must pay a fee of $10, and will receive in return access to the open record of the subject of the inquiry. It is possible to request those files via mail, in person or online. Making a search by name will only return the open records, which are limited. If the requester wants to look up their own personal record they must realize a fingerprint check. That has a fee of $20. This kind of check can also be realized by relevant law enforcement employees, with the required authorization.

The Criminal Justice and Information Services also has a dedicated service for online background checks: Missouri's Automated Criminal History Site (MACHS). Registered users of MACHS are allowed to perform name based background checks. The users are required to provide the first and last name of the subject of their research, as well as the date of birth or the social security number. When signing up to the page, the user will be asked to give some personal information for billing purposes.

The Department of Corrections of Missouri also has a search engine that can facilitate some sort of criminal background check. Even though the database doesn't provide with information about discharged prisoners, it still quite accurate. The records shown in the Department of Corrections of Missouri's website are limited but clear and precise. They give information such as name, description, active and completed offences and it provides with a picture of the inmate. The database lists all the people under custody of the Department of Corrections of Missouri, including those on parole.

The State Highway Patrol is in charge of managing Missouri's sex offender registry. On their website, it's possible to search by name or by geographical area. The results are really accurate and detailed, listing previous felonies and specific descriptions of the offenders, as well as known addresses and relevant personal information. The website is opened by an animated list of absconders, as a way of raising awareness and asking for the citizenship's help in locating them. It also features a very clear sign, indicating that if anyone knows the records to be wrong for any reason, they should contact the State Highway Patrol as soon as possible and help fix the error. The sex offender registry of the state of Missouri can be found at the following website.

Springfield school district now requires teachers to report arrests

HandcuffsThe school staff in Springfield, Missouri is going to be subject to a subtle but important policy change soon that has to do with their criminal records. The newly proposed policy would require all staff working on school property to immediately report any arrest or criminal action as soon as it occurs. In fact, not reporting an arrest or conviction right away would result in a termination of employment. [Read more…]