Nebraska Criminal Records

As of March 23rd, 2013, it is possible to perform online background checks in Nebraska. The organism responsible for that service is the Nebraska State Patrol. Each criminal background check has a fee of $18. The requester is given in return the Record of Arrest and Prosecution (RAP) sheet. This sheet includes all the arrests and resulting dispositions for the subject of the report. The criminal background check service can be found on the website of the Nebraska State Patrol.

The Department of Correctional Services of Nebraska also provides with a search engine to look up inmates and ex convicts. This service is free and open to any user. In order to use it, it's only necessary to input the first and or last name of the subject of the investigation. The search engine returns a very limited report, which sometimes doesn't even include a picture. However, this is a reliable, practical and easy way of performing free criminal background checks. It's possible to check out the database of the Department of Correctional Services of Nebraska by accessing the website.

The state of Nebraska's digital office has a completely separate section for its sex offender registry. The Sex Offender Registry of Nebraska is one of the most efficient background checking tools provided by the state. It's a simple, clear and intuitive search engine. After entering the name or last name of the suspected offender, or the region or location where the subject resides, the search engine returns a detailed map and a list of matches with pictures. The report on the subjects is presented in a very clear and easy to understand way. The website also implements an extra utility: any user can ask to receive notifications on any sex offender listed at the registry. This notifications include changes of address, new convictions and legal status, for example. The system also allows to perform geographical searches, informing the user of how many sex offenders are in a specific area, where they are, and who they are. The Sex Offender Registry of Nebraska can be accessed at this website.

The Nebraska Commission on Law Enforcement and Criminal Justice has a very interesting collection of yearly reports at their website. These reports contain general data and crime statistics in Nebraska, and they go back to 1995. They include several different statistics and relevant data. They have a separate archive for domestic violence reports, dating back to 2003, and a different one for Law Enforcement Employees. This archive also contains several different reports in various subjects, such as substance abuse, methamphetamine treatment or programs addressing the needs of crime victims. The Nebraska Commission on Law Enforcement and Criminal Justice can be accessed at these online archives.

With the notable exception of the Sex Offender Registry, most of Nebraska's online criminal background checking systems are not very accessible. The main one, the one provided by the Nebraska State Patrol, is not so efficient and it is expensive. The service provided by the Department of Correctional Services of Nebraska is more approachable, but the contents of their database include only those individuals who are -or who have been- under the supervision of that Department.