New Jersey Criminal Records

In the state of New Jersey, the institution in charge of managing criminal records is the State Bureau of Identification, a branch of the New Jersey State Police, under the Department of Law and Public Safety. Anyone who wants to perform any kind of background check on the state of New Jersey, must contact the State Bureau of Identification.

In New Jersey, performing a background check is quite difficult. The State Bureau of Identification is authorized to handle criminal records to private citizens only when they are asking for their own criminal records. Employers who want to perform background checks on potential candidates or on employees must have a proper authorization from the appropriate official institution.

If any citizen wants to obtain their own criminal record, they must contact Morpho Trak Inc., a private company contracted by the state of New Jersey to provide assistance in managing and providing fingerprint records. The individual must book an appointment to have their fingerprints taken. When visiting Morpho Trak Inc., the requester must bring along the pertinent Universal From and the identification indicated in the form. This is very important because, on top of the $41 fee that the service costs, failure to show up to the appointment or to bring along the form or the ID, the fingerprints will not be taken, and the requester will incur in a $11 penalization, payable to Morpho Trak Inc. For more information, visit the State Bureau of Identification at the New Jersey State Police website website here. The website for Morpho Trak Inc. appointments is located here.

The state of New Jersey Department of Corrections provides with a great deal of useful information about crime on New Jersey. They feature a very complete and precise inmate search engine, where the user can search for criminals by name, last name, race, hair color, and a dozen other parameters. The returned results are detailed and well organized, and they give away a great deal of information on the subjects of the record. Their website also features an interesting section on Offender Statistics on New Jersey. This section provides some very complete reports on diverse data relevant to inmates in all the penitentiary system in the state of New Jersey. The reports cover the last four years, which enables the user to generate interesting statistics and to produce a great deal of criminal research. The New Jersey Department of Corrections' website can be accessed through website here.

The New Jersey sex offender registry, managed by the New Jersey State Police, has a very strong and useful online presence. Their website features a complete and exhaustive search engine, enabling the users to search for sex offender by name, location, vehicle or by a mix of all of those parameters. It also features sex offender statistics and lists of new offenders registered and of fugitives. The records returned by the search engine are complete and detailed, providing information and several details on the subjects of the records, including offences and known addresses. The sex offender registry can be found at the State Police website.

New Jersey bill would give job seekers prior convictions a fair chance

Background Check RequestA bill in New Jersey that provides job seekers who have made past transgressions the opportunity to fare better in the job market just needs the Governor’s signature to become law. It is no secret that for ex-convicts and those with a criminal record, securing stable employment after having been in jail or after committing a crime can be quite difficult. Thanks to the sponsor of the bill, Sen. Sandra Cunningham, ex-convicts looking to better their lives may find their job search much easier. [Read more…]

Employers in New Jersey might be fined for background checks on job applicants

New JerseyLawmakers in New Jersey take charge as they advance their efforts in taking on a controversial measure that prohibits the immediate performance of a background check. This would restrict many employers from asking a job applicant if they have any criminal convictions; as well as performing an immediate background check. Instead, it is proposed that these checks be delayed until after the candidate has been conditionally offered the position. [Read more…]

New Jersey residents can expunge their criminal records

BusWhen you are arrested in New Jersey, you get a criminal record. At a minimum, you will have a record of arrest. If you are later convicted, you will a have record of arrest and conviction. These records include things such as warrants, complaints, commitments, DNA, fingerprints, photographs, index cards etc. These records will always pop up when criminal background checks are done on you. Prospective employers, insurance companies, adoption agencies, prospective creditors, landlords etc. can access this information. Luckily, it is possible to expunge criminal record in New Jersey. Upon successful completion of the expungement process, you will get a court order signed by a judge. The order will state that the offence you committed never occurred. This way, persons doing background checks through the FBI or NJ State Police department will not find any of your criminal records. It will be like the arrest and/or conviction never occurred. [Read more…]