North Carolina Criminal Records

Access to criminal records is generally restricted to non governmental personnel in the State of North Carolina. Any third party interested in looking up the criminal history of any subject must have a valid lawful reason and the appropriate authorization to do so. There are three main institutions in charge of managing and handling criminal records: the State Bureau of Investigation, which is a branch of the North Carolina Department of Justice; the North Carolina Court System; and the Division of Adult Correction of the North Carolina Department of Public Safety.

The State Bureau of Investigation is responsible for overseeing the Criminal History Record Information. Any citizen can make use of their “Right to Review” their own personal criminal records, but only law enforcement agents and authorized agencies can access third party’s complete criminal records. In order to request a personal criminal record, it is necessary to visit the offices of the SBI and to bring along the appropriate forms, get fingerprinted and pay a fee of $14. Learn more about the Service Bureau of Investigation by visiting this website.

The North Carolina Court System offers a different approach to criminal background checking. This institution gives the user access to court records, as well as to some criminal records organized by county. If the requester needs a certified copy of any record, they have to pay a fee of $25. By visiting the Clerk of Superior Court’s Office of the relevant county, and filling the appropriate form, this request can be made, but the search will only be made within the limits of that Court’s Office county. It’s also possible to access all public criminal records from the free terminals available at the Clerk’s offices. This will not give access to all records, but it can serve as a very interesting source of information. Visit the North Carolina Court System’s website to learn more about this institution.

The North Carolina Division of Adult Correction of the Department of Public Safety is the one responsible of managing and handling all the records regarding inmates and citizens on parole or probation. The website of the Division has a simple and effective search engine that allows the user to perform searches by name, gender, race, age, date of birth or ethnic group. The system is quite efficient and open, so requester can search for names that “sound like” or birth dates that are approximate, instead of having to know the exact information. The returned records are complete and satisfactory, even though a great number of them don’t include a picture of the subject. Access the search engine of the North Carolina Division of Adult Correction on their website above.

The North Carolina Department of Justice is also in charge of the sex offender registry. At the Department’s website, there’s a very complete and accurate search engine that allows the user to access the registry. It is possible to search by name, to look up if there are any sex offenders living near your address, or even to search around a radius providing latitude and longitude. The results are very complete. The records include physical description, pictures, detailed information on the sentences and the offences committed, knows addresses and aliases and period of registration. The searches by address or by longitude and latitude provide a very accurate map detailing the addresses of all sex offenders in the area. Look up the sex offender registry at the North Carolina Department of Justice’s website.