Ohio Criminal Records

The State of Ohio is quite reluctant to give away information relative to criminal background checks to any citizen who doesn't belong to the law enforcement or who isn't member of an authorized agency. Basically, there are two institutions that manage information that can be useful to a background checking operation: the Ohio Bureau of Criminal Identification and Investigation, under the Attorney General's Office, and the Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Correction.

The Bureau of Criminal Identification and Investigation only offers access to their records when the requester asks for their own criminal records or when the request comes from an authorized law enforcement agency. In order to perform a background check, the requester needs to provide all the subject's relevant information on the subject, the appropriate authorization, and pay a fee of $22. The website of the Attorney General's Office also offers the use of the WebCheck system, the one used for background checking, to corroborate the validity of a background check. This is specially useful if, for example, an employer wants to confirm that the background check provided by a new employee is legitimate or not. To learn more about the Bureau of Criminal Identification and Investigation, visit the Attorney General's Office's website.

The Department of Rehabilitation and Correction of the State of Ohio offers, on the other hand, a very complete inmate search engine. The system allows to search by name, area, status or parole hearing date. The resulting records are detailed and well presented, giving additional information on the victims of the crimes and providing with physical descriptions, addresses, pictures and personal information on the subjects. It also gives information on released inmates, although their records are always limited. To make use of the Ohio's Department of Rehabilitation and Correction's search engine, visit this web address.

As well as managing the Bureau of Criminal Identification and Investigation, the Attorney Genera'ls Office is also in charge of the sex offender registry for the State of Ohio. The registry's website features a powerful search engine that allows the user to look for sex offenders by area, name or city, or to list the non-compliant offenders in Ohio. The results of the search are detailed and well presented, and they give information on the full criminal history of the subject, not only on the sex related offences. The records include the subject's personal information, address, offences committed, picture and information on the victim or victims of the offender and on the vehicles registered in their name. Visit the sex offender registry's online search engine at the Attorney General's Office's address.

Performing background checks can be a frustrating task. If the reason for the background check is to screen potential applicants for a job, the best way of dealing with this problem is asking the applicants to bring along a certified background check and then test the validity of the documentation using the WebCheck system. Otherwise, the tools available online are quite limited, and they don't usually offer complete reports on third parties.

Report finds biometrics system in Ohio is not always accurate

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