Rhode Island Criminal Records

The State of Rhode Island has a n open policy regarding criminal background record checks. The State of Rhode Island's Office of the Attorney General is the office in charge of the Bureau of Criminal Identification. This bureau is the one responsible for managing and handling all kinds of criminal records to private citizens, companies and law enforcement agencies. It is also possible to perform some sort of Criminal Background Check using the tools provided by the Rhode Island Department of Corrections, the Rhode Island Judiciary or the Rhode Island sex offender registry.

The Bureau of Criminal Identification offers access to their criminal history reports database to any requester, as long as they provide the necessary identification and paperwork. If the requester wants their own personal record, this can be achieved quickly by going in person to the Bureau of Criminal Identification's office, providing identification and paying the $5 fee. Orders by mail will be ready in about a week, and have the same cost. When it comes to requesting a criminal history check for a third party, a release form properly signed by the subject of the report is mandatory. Together with this form, it's necessary to provide a picture and a copy of a legitimate form of identification of the subject. The fee is also $5. It is also possible to request a certified criminal history report for overseas purposes. This reports are different form the standard ones, and the requester must state clearly that the report is needed to travel abroad. The cost for this type of report is $35. Visit the website of the Office of the Attorney General to learn more about the Bureau of Criminal Identification.

The Rhode Island Department of Corrections also offers some information on criminal records. The Department's website features an inmate search option that allows the user to look up their inmate database. The search engine has multiple search options; it is possible to search by name, last known town of residence, age range, inmate ID code or limited physical description. However, the returned records are quite limited. They don't feature picture or physical description, just a list of offences committed, judicial disposition, bail amount (where appropriate) and sentences. Check out the Rhode Island Department of Correction's website for more information on the Inmate Search engine.

It is also possible to gather some interesting criminal information online by visiting the website of Rhode Island Judiciary. Although the search engine doesn't provide criminal records, it gives access to judiciary dispositions and case reports, which can be translated and interpreted as information relevant to a criminal background check. The only downside of this system is it's lack of efficiency. The waiting times of the search engine are quite long, and the resulting reports are not so well organized. Learn more about Rhode Island Judiciary at their website.

Rhode Island's sex offender registry's online presence is clear and functional. Instead of featuring a search engine, it gives the user some listing options, such as location or risk level of the offender, and returns a complete list. That doesn't make it easy to locate a specific offender, but gives a broad spectrum of information to the user. The reports are brief and concise, detailing personal information on the offender, description of the offence and the victim and whether the offender is wanted by the police. Visit this web address to learn more about the Rhode Island sex offender registry.

RI police departments to use new DUI forms

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East Greenwich proposes background checks for school bus drivers

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