Washington Criminal Records

Even though Washington State laws state that all government records shall be accessible to the general public, there is an exception that implies that criminal records not involving conviction data are not to be distributed to private citizens by law enforcement agencies or any other government agency. This means that no government institutions are able to help any individual performing criminal background checks in the State of Washington.

The institution in charge of managing and distributing criminal records in the State of Washington is the Washington State Patrol Identification and Criminal History Section. This entity maintains the Washington Access to Criminal History system, and online and offline processing system that allows the general public accessing authorized criminal background reports. Any Washington resident or citizen can request a criminal record from the Washington Access of Criminal History online or by mail. In order to make a request, the user must register on the Washington Access to Criminal History website, providing personal and billing information. According to the laws of the State of Washington, any request must be recorded by the institution, including the name of the requester, the reason for the request and the date of the request. The price for making an online criminal background report request is $10. Requests via mail cost $17. Fingerprint search requests have a fee of $26. Visit the Washington Access to Criminal History's website to learn more about this system.

Washington Department of Corrections website features an online inmate search engine, designed to locate inmates and gather some information on them. The engine allows searches by name or by Department of Corrections' number. The only information returned from the search engine is the name, location and ID number of the offender. The website of the Washington Department of Corrections offers more information on this subject.

The State of Washington doesn't have an online sex offender registry. The website of the Washington Department of Corrections directs the user to the U.S. Department of Justice national sex offender registry. This registry offers a state search, that can be used to pinpointing and identifying sex offenders and kidnappers in the State of Washington. The national sex offender registry's website's search engine can be used to perform searches by name or by location for free. Also, some of Washington's counties have their own local sex offender registry online search tool. The best way of performing sex offender searches in the State of Washington is either being very specific on the county of the search, or relying on the national sex offender registry database. Both options are good, and both of them return very complete and accurate reports, including name, physical description, date of birth, address, offence committed, picture, known aliases and more data on the offender. Check out the national sex offender registry at the U.S. Department of Justice's website. In order to search for sex offenders in any specific county of the State of Washington, look up if this specific county has a local sex offender registry online, or visit their offices and ask for further information.

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