Wisconsin Criminal Records

The state of Wisconsin is one of the few states that has fully available free public records online. This means that anyone interested in checking the criminal record of any other individual doesn't need to get in touch with any private provider or download any record checking tool; these records are available for free online.

The website of the Wisconsin Court System, Wisconsin Circuit Court Access (WCCA) provides the user with all the information about criminal records concerning citizens of Wisconsin. It features a powerful search engine that makes the process of checking the criminal background of any subject fast and easy. Wisconsin's Law enforcement and Justice department workers use this website to look up criminal records every day.

Using the WCCA's search engine is quite easy and intuitive. In order to get the desired results, it's only necessary to enter the first and last names of the subject, and the system will automatically display the criminal record of all the people with that name in the Wisconsin area. In order to narrow the search, it's possible to enter the date of birth, the county, the business name -if relevant- or the case number. After a successful search, the user can look up the ledger of the court case, providing it's a closed case. It's important to understand that the website of the WCCA provides information on criminal and civil court cases, so it's advisable to read carefully all the information gathered from this site in order to avoid mistakes.

If the goal is to look up the sex offender registry, the Wisconsin Department of Corrections Registrant Search engine is the right answer. This website allows the visitor to search for sex offenders by name or location, and to look up their criminal record. This way, it's easy to find out if there are registered sex offenders in the area and why are they inscribed in the registry. You can access the Wisconsin Department of Corrections Registrant Search engine online

The laws of Wisconsin are all about clarity and transparency when it comes to public records. This makes it very easy for anyone interested in looking up criminal records or for any company who needs to perform a background check on an employee. However, all of the information offered by the state of Wisconsin comes with a very clear disclaimer: Discriminating a job applicant for their criminal record may be a violation of the laws of the state of Wisconsin, unless the circumstances of the conviction are relevant to the specific job.