Wyoming Criminal Records

Anyone that is interested in accessing criminal records in Wyoming can do so rather easily through the Wyoming Division of Criminal Investigation. What people need to know about this office is that it's overseen by the DCI and it includes the unit responsible for maintaining criminal histories. The Department of Crime Investigation also maintains the sex offender registry, concealed firearms permits and the CCH or Computerized Criminal History system.

Criminal Records

Anyone who wants to requests criminal records from this office will first of all need to be fingerprinted at DCI or at their local law enforcement agency. The DCI charges a small fee to conduct a criminal background check and there is an additional cost to get fingerprinted as well. Those who comply with an employer's request for a criminal records request will need to then notarize and sign the waiver portion of the request form.

Access to info in Wyoming is considered public in the sense that anyone can request personal criminal records and then distribute them as they wish. The data received will generally consist of convictions for misdemeanors, felonies and arrests. However, due to the fact that the state is part of the WIN or Western Identification Network, other member states (Washington, Montana, Utah, Oregon, Nevada, Alaska and Idaho) are checked for criminal histories as well.

Anyone who wants to get in touch with the Criminal Record Unit in Wyoming can contact them by phone (307-777-7523) or fax (307-777-7301) between 8:00 AM and 5:00 PM.

Looking up Incarceration and Inmate Records

The Wyoming Department of Corrections (WDOC) was founded in 1991 and it presently oversees 4 correctional institutions for the state, with 2 of them including an honor farm and a conservation camp. Inmates in the state of Wyoming can thus benefit from education, job training, counseling, substance abuse treatment and reentry programs that help offenders with adjusting to life after they've been released.

The inmate lookup in Wyoming can be performed through victims' services under the WDOC or through VINE. Victim Information and Notification Everyday allows people to go online or call in order to get info about the status and location of an offender. A victim can choose to register with VINE and he\she will receive status updates like transfers, escape, death and release. Through WDOC, Victim's services can also provide this type of info and they can be reached by phone, E-mail or mail.

Those who want to use the inmate lookup services in Wyoming should know that they are indeed available, but in a limited format. These services will provide people access to the location of incarceration and custody status of an offender. While this type of info is mainly geared towards witnesses and victims of crimes in Wyoming, it's also available to the public.